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Photo Sharing App with Sencha Touch, Node.js, MongoDB, Heroku.

This week, I’m going to talk about Sencah Touch in Sencha seminar. Sencha seminar is sponsored by Canon IT Solutions and this time is first session.

Sencha seminar by Canon IT Solutions:

For this presentation, I created a tiny sample application with Sencha Touch – Photo Sharing App. This application is aim to share a photo data, data is stored into MongoDB, is deployed to Heroku cloud platform.

I thought this is maybe useful for developers who want to create Sencha Touch application which works with Node.js. So I will share the source code.

Photo Sharing App(Source code):

Also, it is good example to use my custom theme “Sencha Touch Flat UI Theme” :D

(Sorry to no response to my friends who ask me the some question about this theme. I’m bit a busy.. but I will reply certainly)

Photo Sharing App from shinobukawano on Vimeo.