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Book Review: Mastering Ext JS

During this month, I had plenty of time to study something new. So I’ve read many books about Ext JS, PHP, Node.js, PhoneGap, and something like that. These books that I’ve read are very useful and I learned so many insights. Today I want to introduce the best book I read this month – “Mastering Ext JS”.

“Mastering Ext JS” was published by Packt Publishing in July 2013. You can get more information at following site.

Mastering Ext JS | Packt Publishing

This book is a hands-on tutorial of complete application development of Ext JS 4.2. I really enjoyed the journey of learning Ext JS, thanks to great tour conductor Loiane Groner.

The highway of mastering Ext JS

We are going to create a complete Ext JS application in this book. First of all, I must say that the quality of the application is highly excellent. The application is organized following technologies – Ext JS (frontend), PHP (server-side), MySQL (database) and we can get complete source code from GitHub repository.


masteringextjs (GitHub repository):

I think it’s a good example to create a real-world application of Ext JS. It contains splash screen, login panel, dynamic menu, CRUD data, complex data relation, PDF export, chart report, and more! Of course it’s not standalone mockup. The application integrated with server-side module (PHP), data storages (MySQL). Learning basic concepts of Ext JS in SDK document, then to read this book will you become a full-fledged Ext JS developer, I think. Also this book uses the latest version of Ext JS, it’s a significant plus.

What I learned

I learned many topics from this book.

  • How to construct code with MVC architecture.
  • How to use UI components of Ext JS.
  • How to talk components each other.
  • How to implement some of user friendly features, such as splash screen, i18n, charts, etc.
  • How to communicate with server-side code that was implemented with PHP.
  • How to integrate MySQL with the application.
  • How to theming and how to package the app for production. …

And more! I can’t describe all of things :D

Final thought

This book is a good guide for not only mid-level Ext JS developers but also beginners. Actually, I was a newbie of Ext JS but learned so many topics.

I’ve been seeking good guide of Ext JS because I need knowledge of Ext JS at my new job. “Mastering Ext JS” is a great book that I really needed to! It taught me many concepts and best practices of Ext JS Framework. I appreciate to authors.