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Book Review: Sencha Touch Cookbook, Second Edition

Thanks for Packt Publishing Inc. to gave me the opportunity to review this book. I really enjoyed it.:D

I’ve read the book that has full of useful tips of Sencha Touch development, – Sencha Touch Cookbook, Second Edition. This book was published by Packt Publishing at August 2013. You can get more information at following site.

Sencha Touch Cookbook, Second Edition | Packt Publishing


Today, I want to write a book review about this. If you are interested in it, I hope you will enjoy and get to something useful.

What I liked

Maybe, this book is best fit for newbies because It offers clearly overview of what Sencha Touch framework is able to do. Unfortunately, I have some of experience about this framework, so I reviewed it by veterans viewpoint.

Recipes are constructed by following section.

  • Getting ready
  • How to do it...
  • How it works...
  • There's more...
  • See also

Author, Ajit Kumar described practical tips rhythmically and logically. I really enjoyed to reading and learning the topics. Especially, I enjoyed “There’s more” section, it has full of insight. Yeah, that’s why I said my review is by veterans viewpoint. This book might be boring for veteran developer but I think “There’s more” section is valuable to read if you are familiar with this framework.

For instance, I didn’t know button component is able to decorate by html config, like this.


Maybe it’s a tiny things, but I’m happy to know this. I assure that this book offers you tiny but useful knowledge.

What I didn't like

Sometimes, I encountered some of curiosity code. For example, define model class in launch method.. Maybe it’s just for a description but it’s not friendly for beginners.

Final thoughts

This book says “Every recipe is practically focused. Maximum action. Minimum theory.”, yup, I really agree with it. I enjoyed reading this book with hand-on.

Sencha Inc. offers many of documentation, but sometimes I had a question about how to use this framework correctly. This book taught me a one of the answers.