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Book Review: Ext JS Data-driven Application Design

Thank Packt Publishing Inc. for offering me a review request for the book! I'm really enjoyed :)

I’ve read a very interesting book – Ext JS Data-driven Application Design. This book is a step-by-step guide to learning how to create database applications with Ext JS 4.x. It was published on December 2013 from Packt Publishing Inc.

If you want further information, please visit publisher’s web site.

Ext JS Data-driven Application Design:

Ext JS

This is a unique book. The author describes not only method to create an application, but also method to create “High-quality” application. I felt this book is not a textbook. This book proposes a new style to create a professional quality application based on his longtime career of development with Ext JS.

What I liked

Especially, I liked following things.

A method to create maintenancable application

Author proposes a unit testing method called “CT (Component Test)”. This means creating a test page for every component. Thus, it’s able to divide a relation of interdependence of each component. Of course, it’s common sense to separate a dependence of a program. But I was impressed because it introduced concrete steps to implement it.

Ext Direct

“Ext Direct” is a platform and language agnostic technology to remote server-side methods to the client-side. If you want further information, check the following sites.

Ext Direct:

Ext Direct offers developer to create maintenancable codebase and some optimization of the request. That’s why the application that to create on this book is using Ext.Direct. Very interesting. I want to use it in the next project.

Source code that work fine

Author Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi is a famous person in Sencha community of Japan. I’m enjoying seeing a bunch of source code he wrote. I learned some techniques to create the Ext JS application.

What I didn't like

This book describes how to implement history management of the single page application. Then use it on sample app. I guess it’s not a good idea to implement from scratch because already exists a good user extension by Sencha engineer. It is followings.


Final Thoughts

If you are totally beginner of Ext JS, and want to learn how to implement a real-life application with it, I recommend “Mastering Ext JS”. Because the contents of “Ext JS Data-driven Application Design” is quite unique and I don’t know it’s a best practice or not. That’s why I think it’s not fit for a beginner.

The other hand, you have experience of Ext JS app development, and want to learn how to create more quality architecture, this book might be for you. You will learn a new concept and it would be a hint to consider how to create a higher-level applications. I learned many ideas from this book and I was inspired. Thank authors for the great book.