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ユーザーエクステンションを作る時に気をつけるべき7つのこと (Part2)

Tizen アプリを Sencha Touch で作ろう

ユーザーエクステンションを作る時に気をつけるべき7つのこと (Part1)

Book Review: Mastering Ext JS

During this month, I had plenty of time to study something new. So I’ve read many books about Ext JS, PHP, Node.js, PhoneGap, and something like that. These books that I’ve read are very useful and I learned so many insights. Today I want to introduce the best book I read this month – “Mastering ... Read more

Ext.ux.AccordionList 1.1 - New features, Sencha Architect, Siesta, and More!

Howdy! I released new version of Ext.ux.AccordionList. It contains new features, integration into Sencha Architect, Siesta testing, and more! I introduce couple of them. New features Thanks to my friends, new features that I added was requested by this component users. Maybe they looks not ... Read more