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Sencha Touch + WebRTC!

The last week, study meeting to learn about WebRTC was held at my office. WebRTC is a project or APIs for browser-based real-time communication, currently it is standardized by the W3C. If you want to know detail, please check the project site. WebRTC: I tried some code... Read more

Book Review: Sencha Touch in Action

The last week, the book arrived to my home (at Tokyo, Japan) from overseas – “Sencha Touch in Action”. “Sencha Touch in Action” is the book which helped me when I was beginner of Sencha Touch two years ago. In those days, this book was working in progress, and I was reading this on MEAP (Manni... Read more

Accordion List with useComponents!

Good morning! Yesterday, I added new feature into Ext.ux.AccordionList. From now on, you can add a components into header item and content item. Actually, This feature was requested by many users. Thanks to all users, their voice grows this component more useful. Usage In first, you must crea... Read more

Photo Sharing App with Sencha Touch, Node.js, MongoDB, Heroku.

This week, I’m going to talk about Sencah Touch in Sencha seminar. Sencha seminar is sponsored by Canon IT Solutions and this time is first session. Sencha seminar by Canon IT Solutions: For this presentation, I created a tiny sample app... Read more

Hello, Sencha Touch Flat UI Theme :)

Do you like Flat Design? If so, this is maybe good news for Sencha Touch developers. This weekend, I created Sencha Touch custom theme based on Flat UI. You can check it at demo site, I deployed kitchin sink app with this theme. Kitchen Sink with Flat UI Theme: Read more